Principal | Designer

A second-generation event planner and interior designer, Chelsea was apprenticed from a very young age  —groomed and inspired by living the "designing" life with her mother. Chelsea infuses every project with a passion and love for expressing beauty. A student of the elements of dimension, proportion, color, texture, shadow and light, Chelsea's eye for detail consistently brings the moving parts together with originality, fluidity and polish. Chelsea's extraordinary talents infused with a dedication to extraordinary results, means the "WOW factor" exceeds the client's expectations with every project.


Principal | Designer

Raised in the visual feast of the historic architecture and design of Charleston, South Carolina, Traci has been fascinated with color, textiles and every aspect of design, for as long as she can remember. Traci's style expresses a refined hospitality, an artistic, textured and livable elegance; elements of the traditional, classic, and iconic with modern expression, yet always authentic to the personality of the client. Through many unique design opportunities over the years, her skill and scope of creativity has continually expanded. Set design, corporate c-suite space/interior design, commercial and residential design and remodeling, event design, logo design and branding are some of the aspects of her portfolio.  A visionary, Traci is able to carry the project from conception to installation with an observably effortless attention to detail.  With their complimentary talents and abilities, Chelsea and Traci bring a seamless collaboration to each design project, resulting in the creation of alluring, living environments that exude an elevated ambiance, tailored to express the unique personality and goals of each client.